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What are the 7 Greatest Special Edition Ford Mustangs Ever Made?



The Ford Mustang is an icon. It surpassed the concept of being just a car a long time ago. The American muscle car became a genuine brand of its own over the years, raising many fans living the passion to extremes sometimes. 


From the base model to the mighty GT500, there is a Mustang for everybody. For some people, any version will do. However, collectors and more intimate fans are looking for the gems that limited production units or special editions sold for only a couple of years throughout more than five decades of Mustangs. Therefore, I decided to show you the seven greatest special editions Mustang ever made in my mind. This list may include Mustangs modified by a third party but still recognized as actual Mustangs by the community or even the American Manufacturer itself.  


7 – 2007–Now California Special


Although it is just an upgrade package you can select from the factory with a Premium Mustang GT, the California Special developed a solid fan base over time. People are tracking production numbers with all colors and options combinations.


6 – 2004 Mystichrome Cobra. 


Cameleon finest became much more accessible and famous in the last few years thanks to Plastidip and vinyl wrap. However, things were much different two decades ago when Ford launched the Mystichrome Cobra in 2004. With a paint job fading from blue to green and purple depending on the angle you look at, this car was a true neck breaker. The American manufacturer went even further by giving it some interior trim finished in the same Mystichrome color.  


5 – 2001/2008-2009/2019-2020 Ford Mustang Bullitt


You've all seen the movie and certainly know the car. Ford made several Bullitt editions over the years, and each one is more desirable than the last. We all know the green Bullitt, but most people don't know that the Bullitt Mustang was also available in black, which is even rarer.


4 – 2002-Now Mustang Roush


Roush Performance is a well-known Mustang tuner and is as respected as Shelby American. Roush created several custom Mustangs over the years, and the community loves them. With Roush, everything is performance, but the tuners still beautifully fabricate things.


3 – 2012 -2013 Boss 302


There was a radical change in design between the 2012 and the 2013 models, but I am glad to say both look amazing. The Boss 302 wasn't just a more powerful Mustang than the regular GT. Several upgrades made it one of the most track-capable Mustangs at the time. The Mustang Boss 302 was powered by a 5.0 L V8, making 444 hp, and set a track record at the Monterey race with 1:41.06.


2 – 2007-Now ShelbyGT350/500


Shelby is a legend, so every Mustang's wearing its name is too. The Shelby nameplate came back with Ford in 2007 with a supercharged 5.4 L V8 producing 500 hp. Today, the GT500 makes 760 hp out of a Supercharged 5.2 L V8. However, from all the Shelby, the GT350 made from 2015 to 2020 is my favorite. This car was just amazing in every possible way.


1 – 2021-now Mach 1


Things may change when the 2024 Darkhorse hits the market, but now, the Mach 1 is the most interesting special edition Mustang ever made. Don't be shy to select every single option available for this car, and please go for a crazy color.


Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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